Strings Under Pressure

“CUERDAS BAJO PRESIÓN” (Strings Under Pressure) is an ensemble known for incorporating the  New “Venezuelan Electric harp”, the Saxophone, and the drums and minor percussion. In a newfangled style the “TRIO” allows room for improvisation and masterly virtuosity. These features highlight a particular touch in each performance making them very unique whether it is Joropo, waltz, Paraguayan polka, argentine tango, Venezuelan merengue, world music or Latin jazz. In addition to that, each musician of the ensemble possesses a very long list of presentations, concerts, awards and tours across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America.

The members of this peculiar, ingenious and interesting musical project have been awarded several recognitions and received various prizes during the last few years.  These three Venezuelans have enticed audiences to enjoy a wonderful experience in each musical encounter as they take listeners throughout their emotions, feelings, life experiences, melodies, harmonies and sound adventures.

Cuerdas Bajo Presión (strings under pressure) enable a blend of hues that proudly draw the multiethnic and the multicultural nature of our Latin America and the music of the world. The ensemble gives a real representation of identity by combining originative and avant-garde elements of the Venezuelan folklore translated into its musical world of notes, strings and sounds.