Leonard Jácome (born on July 5th 1981, in Rubio, Táchira State, Venezuela), multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer and producer, is one of the Venezuela’s most prolific and accomplished harpists. He has won numerous awards representing Venezuela abroad and has toured and performed throughout Latin America, United States, South Africa, Europe, Africa, Japan, Malaysia, and UK. He has played in the stage with and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra.

Leonard has represented Venezuela at:

  • II, IV & VIII World Harp Festival in Paraguay (2008-2010-2014).
  • V Latin American Harp Meeting and the “Mishquila de Arpas” in Santiago del Estero, Argentina (2009).
  • Wales International Harp Festival, Caernarfon-Wales UK (2014)
  • Schagerl Brass Festival 2014, Melk-Austria.
  • He is a “Camac artist”.  Artistic image of the prestigious harps manufacturer Camac-harps of France: http://www.camac-harps.com/fr/harpes/harpes-electriques/electro-llanera-37
  • In October 2016, Leonard Jacome was invited by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for his first world concert with two Camac Venezuelan harps on stage: “Venezuelan electric harp with Big Band Jazz” and “EC llanera with Philharmonic Orchestra”. There, he played at two important performances at prestigious “Dewan Philarmonik Petronas” theatre (Petronas Twin towers- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Leonard is head of the harp department at “El Sistema”. Since he created the Venezuelan harp chair, he has taught over thirty young harpists.

Leonard is also working to develop a contemporary identity for the South American harp. It is Leonard who asked Jakez (Chairman of CAMAC-HARPS of France) to produce the first Venezuelan electric harp.

You can watch his DVD album with the first venezuelan electric harp by camac: Click here.




A MIS HERMANOS, played with harp, cuatro, Loop-station and Effects pedals.

Leonard Jacome at dewan filharmonik PETRONAS (Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia), Playing a solo performance with his Venezuelan electric harp and cuatro, using his loop-station and effects pedals. October 30/2016….

Leonard Jacome & MPO Big Band Jazz. MOLIENDO CAFE. Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia 2016.

Leonard Jacome & Big Band Jazz from Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra at Petronas Twin Towers-Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, October 30/2016. Conductor: GERARD SALONGA. Tune: MOLIENDO CAFE. Composer: HUGO BLANCO.